projects ::
thaBoom is the new project of stefan thaler, it is a delicate mixture of popsongs getting in touch with electronica, jazz, alternative, brazil and other styles. the songs are a based on songwriting and jazz, the way of arranging is based very much on sound and atmosphere - not just electronica, but also acoustic and natural sounds, samples or effects. this collages of ambience in combination with harmony, melody and rhythm give the unique sound and mood to the songs of thaBoom. enjoy!!!
stefan thaler was studying bassguitar and double bass in klagenfurt (austria) and den haag (netherlands) after his studies he went to vienna, where he soon became an "in demand" bassist playing with the jazz & pop & electronica musicians in vienna. through his affinity with more exotic musicstyles like balkan and oriental music, his musical spectrum expanded and he occured in new interesting projects with different artists. in the past years he was touring through all over europe and the usa. he also started to write and record more and more his own music, as well as composing and arranging for many artists and bands, styles varying from choir chants to jazz, producing jingles for radio, programing sounds, painting...

here are a few artists i have been working with: barry harris, klaus paier,vlado dzihan, mario kamien, allegre correa, nikko weidemann, flip philipp, john ruocco, andrea bocelli, primus sitter, johnny logan, karlheinz miklin, michael  erian, daniel nösig, tonc feinig and many others

here are some other projects i'm working on at the moment:
caroline de rooij
great dutch jazzvocalist, based in vienna.

martin lubenov orkestar
when it comes to bulgarian balkan music, this is the man, a shooting star on the accordeon.

madita is an amazing voice and personality in the electronic pop scene.

matilda leko
here is another diva of balkan jazz, the voice singing songs from serbia, macedonia, bulgaria and own stuff and lots of odd meters of course.

chateau haag
this band with the extravagant singer lisa haag is the most exciting crossover between billie holiday and jimi hendrix .

Willi Landl Band

"der unkonventionelle entertainer" (ö1)

"the David Lynch of Jazz"

cd recordings ::

klaus paier accordeon project - impression

caroline de rooij - river

chateau haag - good news

sonja kleindienst

flip philipp - muse

menu b - beatification

vox - 11

the christmasband - singing christmas

matilda leko - (to be released)

caroline de rooij - little circus girl

madita - too